Goods receipt

The advised 24 laser printers have been delievered.
The storekeeper Mr. Klaus, intends to transfer the delievered laser printer into the goods-in area. Therefore he chooses under the menu item Window the sub item Goods reciept within the myWMS LOS Client. In this dialogue, the collection of laser printer is documented.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Client Create Goods Receipt

Prepare goods receipt

First, Mr. Klaus checks the delivery papers and creates in myWMS LOS a corresponding operation. He chooses the function Create in the upper third of the dialogue.

In a selection list, Mr. Klaus selects the gate, where the goods are collected. When the goods receipt is posted to this gate, it can be easily identified again. For later queries or complaints of the delivering freight forwarder, Mr. Klaus enters the name of the company Leopold in the text box. Mr. Klaus takes over the delivery number 0123 into the system and enters the receipt date in the check box of the calendar.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Client Create Goods Receipt

On the next dialog page, Mr. Klaus has the option to enter a comment for incoming goods. Since he has detected a compressed range, it shall include this information in the documents to indicate a physical exam.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Client Goods Receipt

With Finish the process is created and Mr. Klaus gets back to the main dialog.

In the next step advices are allocated to the received goods. From the delivery papers Mr. Klaus recognizes, which decives are in the delivery. To make this myWMS known he edited the second third of incoming dialogue and click on Assign.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Goods Receipt

This opens a dialog in which Mr. Klaus selects the corresponding advice to the item 14008712.
If there were several items in the delivery, then the corresponding advices would be classified at this place.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Client Empty

After assigning the advices to the goods, the preparatory actions have been completed. Continuing with the receipt of the goods.

Collecting goods

For the selected advice Mr. Klaus now enters the goods. Thus he clicks in the lower third of the ‘goods receipt’ dialogue on Create new to capture a new position. The system opens a dialog in which Klaus recognized the loading equipment supplied with the goods.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Create Goods Receipt Position Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Create Goods Receipt Position

Mr. Klaus examines the proposed values ​​for the unit load type and enters the number of the printer that are available on one pallet. Since the 24 printers were delivered on two pallets with 12 printers, Mr. Klaus can specify this in one step.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Create Goods Receipt Position

Now Mr. Klaus can specify a lot for the laser printer. Since he can not find a lot in the choice box, it must be a new lot number, not known to the system. Mr. Klaus takes over the lot number 357159 of the delivery note and transmits these to ‘create new lot’. A validation of the lot is not noted on the delivery note. Consequently Mr. Klaus leaves this box empty.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Create Goods Receipt Position

In this dialogue, Mr. Klaus has the possibility to block the incoming goods for a quality check before it gets to picking, if necessary. For the printers there is no reason to lock.´ About the function finish two loading devices are now created with 8 printers. The result is shown in the item list in the lower part of the dialog.

Screenshot Dialog mywms-los Create Goods Receipt Finish

Since the delivery is complete and does not need to be further examined, Mr. Klaus closes the operation by pressing the function complete in the upper part of the dialog.