SaaS – Software for Rent

Rent mywms

You do not have sufficient hardware resources for your future software projects? You are not ready to make the necessary investment or do not have internal staff that is able provide sufficient expertise to take over the operation of the system?
No problem! We take care of your IT! We make your working environment available for you on our servers. We take the responsibility of your data, secure these on a daily basis and maintain your system. You can connect to your data easily and certified over the Internet.
The “Logistics Mall makes it possible to design logistics simple and efficient. You only need a computer with an internet browser. Networked services and software systems are offered “as a service”.
The applications communicate with each other through customer-driven data- or interface converters.
The Logistics Mall is a virtual marketplace where logistic-software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is offered. The software itself is not, as usual, installed on your server, but is made available for you via the Mall. After the conclusion of a license agreement you have access to your own, private area of the mall via a web browser and use the selected software.

The billing that is done by the operator of the Mall depends on the frequency of use.